Friday, December 14, 2007

This is a HOOT!

Look "who" I discovered early one morning, as I pulled into my parking spot. I don't know how this little fellow got to be sitting on a fire escape just east of the city's downtown core, but our entire staff spent half the morning peeking out an office window to check on him and make sure he would stay safe until the wildlife rescue people arrived. A bit of an unusual site. Several people have commented that owls are signs of some kind. Do any of my readers have knowledge about that?


Pat said...

Awww... how lovely! Aren't you happy you had your camera with you?


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guild-rez said...

..perhaps looking for food or shelter??
We have owls in Guildwood and I love to watch them. But after a while I am not sure who is watching whom..
wonderful..wild life in the city

Marcel said...

A couple of years ago as I was entering one of the dorm buildings at a college I was working at an owl landed on my back. Another co-worker gently picked him off my back and it was very obvious that the little guy was hurt. We took him to the local raptor center and were told that owls are often stunned when they are hit by an automobile. It seems that owls are sometimes attracted to the light of a car and fly right into the path of a moving vehicle. Sometimes they get lucky and are swept off the windshield. In the case of the little owl that landed on me a couple of days in the raptor center and he was well enough to be placed back into the wild.

Thanks for the cool photo.

Jimmy said...

Awesome :D I love them!

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