Sunday, November 25, 2007

Urban streetscape

Out for a walk one sunny, chilly day, just off a busy downtown street, I was drawn to the solitude of this scene. I wish all my readers a place of peace and quiet in their hectic lives.


Ioanna said...

Wonderful photo, I like the colors and ok I always love bikes.

guild_rez said...

My corner of the world is Guildwood..Don't know where it is?
Not far away from you..

Kim said...

I love this shot! Funny, I was just listening to an old Bruce Cockburn CD, and in the photos of the accompanying booklet, he's riding a bike just like this through the snow on Ward Island. . .fun to see a photo taken nearby 30+ years later with the same aesthetic. Love the colors, too. Greetings from Seattle Daily Photo!

Jimmy said...

Aww, gotta love all the old style bikes! :) I miss having one, but the new ones are so much easier to pedal with.

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