Thursday, March 15, 2007


While the rest of Toronto was enjoying yesterday's mild weather, this little fellow was stuck behind bars for some "undisclosed" offence. His sad little face staring out at me from a shop window stopped me in my tracks, and I felt a moment of gratitude for my life of freedom. Although Toronto isn't thought of as the most glamorous city, there are many aspects of my life here which I long as I can stay out of trouble.


Kate said...

A friend of Miss Piggy, I wonder?!

Ex-Shammickite said...

A Pig in a Poke?

murraykc said...

Conrad Black????!

Mandy said...

poor little pig

Jilly said...

There was a time - a lifetime ago - when I used to collect china pigs. When I got to 50 I stopped and gave them all away except one - a beautiful antique one - and that got broken when a dog knocked it off a shelf. I kept the pieces for years.

So, always fascinating to see a little piggy. Lovely creatures too.
Interesting posting.

Jilly x