Monday, September 10, 2007

Rubbing Shoulders with Celebs at TIFF

Fun time on Saturday night at the Toronto International Film Festival. I got an invite to a pre-party for the screening of Matt Damon's new film, Running the Sahara. He's one of a growing list of celebrities using his fame to bring awareness to the impoverished regions of the world, and bravo to him. Mr. Damon arrived on the red carpet looking cool and dapper, as befits a superstar, and stayed and mingled with the media and other partiers for a little over an hour. He was very gracious and generous about letting me photograph him, before his wrangler shooed us all away. My general impression is that it must be exhausting to be a celebrity on one of these media junkets. I sincerely wish him lots of luck. The film looks to be very promising.


Gail's Man said...

Be nice to try out being someone famous for a while. To experience the highs and lows (if there are any)of being a star.

Annie said...

I think one would have to have at least a bit of narcissism to tolerate all the cameras and attention that comes with being a big celebrity.