Monday, August 6, 2007

Thrill of the Find

When I've got a chunk of free time on my hands one of my favourite pastimes is to browse the racks of Vintage clothing stores. I'm not successful every time, but once in a while, I do turn up a real treasure. I once found an authenic Hermes scarf, in pristine condition, at Value Village. I have a collection of cashmere coats & sweaters and a few designer gowns that I've been lucky enough to unearth. When I wear them, everyone comments. I'm currently looking for a dress to wear to my friend's daughter's wedding. Didn't turn anything up in this expidition, but I will perservere. However, I'm noticing that now the prices for anything worth having have really skyrocketed.

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Rambling Round said...

These place are a lot of fun to look through. I went to a thrift shop the other day, too, although there wasn't a lot of vintage stuff there, it was interesting.