Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Birthday Party

My dear friend had a birthday party for her 6 year old twins last week. Actually, it was just for the little boy twin. The little girl twin had hers the week before. There were 40 little boys attending (many of their parents stayed too). It was a Harry Potter themed party, complete with haunted castle, HP themed games and prizes. I captured a brief moment when everything came to a halt and the wee ones halted their activity during dinner. I think I'm exhausted reliving it.


NorthBayPhoto said...

I can only imagine the clean-up with that many kids at party where they have been given lots of sugar!!

Beetle said...

Oh Yeah...They are all cute and looks really fun party and really something big wait after that ;o) but when all of the cute magicians were having fun that is the important thing! ;o)

RamblingRound said...

Oh boy! Two parties a few weeks apart!