Friday, April 6, 2007

Hats off

I would love to tell you all that this is my personal hat collection...but it is really just my fantasy. I am a total hat freak, and I wear one every day. I feel totally naked with out one. I don't have a particularly eclectic assortment. Nothing wacky or overly ornamental, but several good, classic models, most of them several years old, that I rotate so I don't get bored. This photo was taken at a Toronto milliner, Lilliput Hats, on College Street. A great place to go if you're ever in a blue mood.


Ex-Shammickite said...

WOW I didn't know that hat shops like that are still around! You don't see many ladies in hats these days, good for you for enjoying hats.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

I have a VERY IMPORTANT question!

Do you ever have hat hair? :-)

Seriously, I love hats too. I have a faux Burberry bucket hat, a JCrew bucket hat and a cashmere skull cap. Guys in NYC can get away wearing them because of the cold weather and the stylish nature of people, in general.

But I always suffer from hat hair after wearing them. I can't take my hat off when I'm indoors because my hair looks flat. :-(

The Toronto Team said...

I'm really lucky I don't generally suffer from the hat-head problem. I guess because I have really think hair and I tend to get hats that are on the large side and sit low on my head. I think the cloche is the name of the style that works for me. I's the French word for bell, because that's what it resembles. Good luck!

alice said...

It's the fisrt time i visit your blog (thank you for visiting mine!), I'm going to add your link and come back soon! Happy Easter in Toronto.

murraykc said...

Hat hair...I just wish I had more hair to be hatted....!

Gwendolyne said...

It is so nice to see that you are celebrating one of our most treasured milliners in our city. You should drop by our boutique atelier next if you truly are a hat fan! I love writing a journal too, we all get to share the best parts of journeys in life as a result. Thank you for celebrating Karen Grinas!