Monday, February 12, 2007

Hello World!

Hello visitors! Although I wasn't born here, Toronto has been my home for several decades. I have seen huge changes in my city over the years, and I would love to introduce the world to my beautiful Toronto, and at the same time, learn about your part of the world. When I think of Toronto, two adjectives come to mind...multi-cultural and creative. Toronto has a thriving arts community, as well as some beautiful examples of both old and very modern architecture. Please come for a visit!


murraykc said...

Love the photos! I am proud to call Toronto home as well. I look forward to seeing more...

Gerald England said...

Hope you'll be posting many more over the coming months.

Pat said...

Well, it used to be my home--at least Willowdale did.

Glad to see these photos.

I'll be back. Hope you drop over to Guelph! ;)

TorAa said...

A very nice invitation.

Here is some Norwegian blogs:

and one from Singapore:

and one from Sweden:

Hope you will like it in the CyberWorld.